Benefits of group meditation


Anyone starting or developing a meditation practice has been lured to the free phone app because it brings the masters to you, is convenient, and makes meditating easy.  I agree 100% with all of those things and do, in fact, have a favorite app that I use while traveling or when I cannot calm into my own meditative space.  I love it and recommend it to everyone as a supplement to their community practice of meditation.  But, the most value I have found when it came time to deepen my practice was within a community of meditators.  Here are 5 reasons why I believe it is so important to go to that group meditation class:

  1.  Shared experience:  Beyond the benefits of the actual practice of meditation, it is actually good for people to be social and to develop relationships with those of like mind.  Those seeking to deepen their meditation practices are typically looking to enhance their health and wellbeing, reduce stress in their lives and to connect with others who share this path.  More often than not, what I have found is a community develops around a meditation group where support, wisdom and individual healing are shared.
  2. Accountability:  Groups not only give us something to look forward to, they provide a sense of routine and responsibility to the self to show up.  This produces a habit, which in turn makes the practice a part of your schedule, a priority and an integral part of your life.
  3. Connection:  Similar to shared experience, a community develops in numbers, interests, conversations, scope, breadth and depth.  This is provides a dynamic space to socialize within a group of people learning to develop mind, body and spirit practices.
  4. Insight:  Your guide and those within the group are able to provide insight through learnings, experience and different practice styles.  This can provide insight into your own practice that will help you develop and deepen the experiences of the benefits of meditation.
  5. Manifestation:  When people meditate in a group a ripple effect of peace surrounding the environment grows.  This is due to waves of vibrations that flow and connect to the collective unconscious.  In essence, creating a field of peace can allow us to change the environment around us, and in effect, alter the physical world for the better.

So, please, mediate!  Make it a part of your everyday and make it a part of your life.  Rely on your favorite app when you need it, but also, drop into a group with some regularity.  The benefits of group meditation will deepen and improve your practice, and will make the word a better place.

For additional information on meditation styles, the energies created by meditation groups or meditation groups in the local area, drop me a line.


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