Our Goal
Lotus Seed Meditations instruction inspires deeper self-awareness, internal healing and a greater sense of happiness and joy through breath-focused yoga and meditation.  Influenced by the yogic traditions of healing and the modalities of yoga therapy-inspired breath, mudra and movement, Lotus Seed Meditations weaves these ancient practices within a framework to assist practitioners to make sense of modern day needs and demands.  

Why Lotus Seed Meditations?
It all comes to the breath … how we breath, what we breath and how the breath flows … we are the breath.  Yet, we spend so little time actually taking note of our breath, the quality of our breath and how the breath is affecting and changing us that we rarely notice the cues our bodies send us as they relate to our health. At Lotus Seed Meditations we bring the focus back to the breath.  Starting each practice with the breath and moving the breath to fully embody our healthiest selves all while bringing a sense of joy to our beings through our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions.

Why the breath?
Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes effect our physical and emotional wellbeing and directly impact our range of experiences.  For example, an unexpected change in the balance of someone’s day-to-day can cause stress, which can cascade to loss of sleep, different eating patterns and food choices, changes in relationships and so on.  All the while we are moving and breathing, but since we are in react and response mode we aren’t always paying attention to how we move and breath and what effect that has on our health. Focusing on the breath helps focus awareness on the mind-body connection and gives us a sense of control over the natural healing process of the mind and body.

We make it natural by encouraging awareness of the breath through the practice of pratyahara (turning the senses inward, similar to the way a turtle retreats into its shell) and dhyana (getting the mind out of the way, typically as a meditation). We then add the physical practice of yoga to help move the breath and the developing sense of calm through the body. The process of clearing the mind and being relieved of our usual racing, ruminating, anxious or angry thoughts, allows the stress response system to relax and the body starts healing.

Lotus Seed Meditations offerings
While we offer general practice classes we realize they aren’t always appropriate for beginners or populations which require slower movement or specific dialogue. To bridge this gap we get to know our practitioners by name and invest in partnering to meet their mind-body goals. We also offer private and group sessions using modalities of yoga therapy to help heal the body in a specially sequenced one-on-one setting.  It has been an honor to be a part of the healing process for practitioners who are working to develop healthier approaches to managing anxiety, workplace stress, the shifts and changes that come with aging, eating disorders, surviving rape, pressures of emergency response teams, PTSD, Multiple Schlorosis, SI joint disorders, post surgical knee and hip strengthening, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, cervical spine compression, surviving breast cancer, ALS, pre/post natal yoga and pelvic rehab, and more.

General Class offerings:

  • Yin Meditation Flow
  • Guided Meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Energetic Flow
  • Healing Shamanic Reiki
  • Upcoming workshops:  We have some exciting things in the works.  Check back for updates.

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