From our Founder
Coming to yoga later in life I was well aware of the physical modifications my healthy, athletic, yet aging body needed during yoga classes. Sadly, due to size of the classes, instructors weren’t always able to offer options to provide the ease I needed to practice with confidence. As my practice and interest in yoga continued I completed yoga teacher training and I began teaching. I quickly noticed the diversity in range of movement and desire for practitioners to push to a pose that was counter to the needs of not only healthy or aging bodies, but also bodies moving with injury and/or dis-ease. While I did what I could to offer appropriate alternatives and modifications in class, I just knew there had to be a more inclusive way to offer yoga and meditation practices. From there the seed for Lotus Seed Lifestyles was planted and continues to grow.

Lotus Seed Lifestyles offerings
While we offer general practice classes we realize no body moves the same or  interprets and expresses poses in the same way. We also recognize that not all classes are appropriate for beginners or populations which require slower movement or specific dialogue. To bridge this gap we offer smaller, specialized group and one-on-one sessions where we get to know our practitioners by name and invest in partnering to meet their mind-body goals. Sessions use modalities of yoga therapy to compliment work with traditional Western practitioners such as physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors, and the like. In a safe, nurturing setting practitioners work within a specially sequenced yoga flow designed to meet the needs and capabilities of the individual.  It has been an honor to be a complimentary practice to the healing process for practitioners who are working to develop healthier approaches to managing anxiety, workplace stress, the shifts and changes that come with aging, pregnancy, dis-ease and more.

Workshops and Special Series               
Beginning September 2020 Lotus Seed Lifestyles will incorporate a monthly Free-45 Zoom session allowing participants to speak with and ask questions of an industry expert to gain deeper insight into their mind-body connection, health and wellness needs, the benefits of the outdoors on mental and physical health and much more.

While the beautiful North Carolina summer and fall evenings hold favorable temperatures, Lotus Seed Lifestyles will offer COMPLEMENTARY Outdoor Yoga designed to be all-levels, general, gentle flow sessions on the Lotus Seed Lifestyles grounds in Chapel Hill.

Sessions will be held monthly, with varied dates. Please check back or sign up for our monthly newsletter for updates on these events.

Lotus Seed Lifestyles does what it can to remain active and connected to the community, but that doesn’t mean we are aware of all the needs of your community. We have started a new program to invite you to let us know what gaps you experience or face in your yoga, meditation, mindfulness and/or self-care practices. We’ll work with you to customize a workshop aimed at allowing you, and those you invite, to leave the workshop setting with what you need for a fulfilling, sustainable practice.

General Class offerings:

  • Private and Private+ Sessions available on request
  • Yin and Reflexology
  • Invigorating midday and soothing evening guided meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Energetic Flow
  • Healing Shamanic Reiki
  • Foot and Hand Reflexology
  • Upcoming workshops:  We have some exciting things in the works.  Check back or register for our monthly newsletter for updates.

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