Here’s what our participants have to say about their experiences. It is both humbling and exhilarating to know the work done in the studio has such a positive impact on those who practice with Lotus Seed Meditations off the mat.

Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditations)
I was always curious about meditation but never really knew how to practice it. When a local yoga studio advertised a Yoga Nidra Workshop, I immediately signed up. I had no idea what was in store!

From the first time I met RJ, I knew she was gifted. Her open, welcoming personality comes through in all that she does, especially in her meditation work.  RJ shows genuine interest in all of her students. Everyone comes to meditation for different reasons, and she customizes the meditations based on what her students tell her they need. After the first class I took with RJ I was hooked, and I continue taking meditation with her to this very day. RJ is also responsible for helping me establish a daily meditation practice at home.

RJ is a truly gifted meditation guide. She intuitively understands what each of her students needs and gears her meditations accordingly. Her meditations are intentional and never ‘cookie cutter’. She approaches each meditation with a goal in mind, and explains it in a way that makes her students comfortable. RJ treats the trust that her students place in her as a true gift, so everyone feels safe and happy. 

RJ’s soothing voice with perfectly placed inflections takes you on a journey from the safety of your mat. You return  relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. I’ve trusted RJ as my meditation guide for the last 5 years and am thrilled that her gifts can be shared outside the yoga studio.  I love that I can now take her with me wherever I go. So get ready to go on a wonderful journey with a truly phenomenal guide.     ~Kelly A., Durham, NC

Yoga and Guided Meditation
I have always been proud to be one of those individuals who did not show emotions of pain, disappointment, sadness, etc.  After the first class, I went home feeling different, but unable to identify an incident in my life (past or present) to attach any particular emotion.  I felt stillness, alone, peaceful – I cried as I sat by the lake with no tangible reason for tears.

One thing that I noticed was that many things held meaning that I had not before considered.  After meditation, in my time beside the lake looking at what is reflected on the water and watching the light ripples as a dragonfly touches it and flies away.  This brought to mind reality being a reflection of the subconscious mind.

I could go on and on about my awakenings, but what honestly keeps me coming back are the talent, skills and true passion of our yogi/guru/instructor, RJ.  She makes herself available, something that is not required and greatly appreciated!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the classes, results and yogi/guru/instructor! ~Dylo R., Durham, NC

Committing to RJ’s meditation class was a no-brainer. The benefits were immediate and profound: better sleep, deeper relaxation, less anxiety, more moments of calm. The addition of Yin yoga to the routine only increased my motivation to participate as often as I can. I’m learning how less really IS more. Plus I find myself better able to handle a stressful situation. Oh I can still over-react, of course, but less frequency and and with fewer negative side effects for myself and for others. The combination of Yin with a long, guided meditation allows for even deeper rest and softer openings. Its a kind and welcoming group as well – Join us!     ~Christie D, Durham, NC

Therapeutic Yoga

Hi RJ: I just wanted to tell you how much I have benefited from working with you. As a heart attack/stroke patient, I have particular issues that have not been met in group yoga classes. The chair yoga, floor movements & the gentle massage therapy have aided to reduce stress & pain & to improve my balance. I believe your extra training & intuitive feel for such special needs is invaluable. I look forward to continue our work together. ~Diane, Chapel Hill, NC

I came to a yoga class with RJ complaining of a neck pain and weakness in the arms and fingers.  RJ asked a series of questions, adapted movements within the class to ensure I maintained a range of motion that would not injure me further in a way that was caring yet did not make me feel singled out.  After class she checked in with me and recommended I see my doctor for an evaluation of my cervical spine.  My doctor referred me to physical therapy and RJ worked with my equally amazing PT to compliment the work we were doing in order to relieve the pain of the cervical compression I was experiencing.  The gentle application of breath, elongation of the spine and relaxing meditative exercises coupled with the PT exercises had me back to my regular active life within weeks.  

I cannot express how much RJ’s guidance and gentle approach helped.  I highly recommend her classes and will continue to trust her guidance not only because she cares, but because she applies what she has learned in training in an approachable and confident manner that is reassuring and healing.   ~George L. Chapel Hill, NC


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