Lotus Seed Meditations Studio


Lotus Seed Meditations is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its home studio location!

We would love you to help us make this studio your home studio too!

Anyone interested in taking advantage of our new client special is eligible to practice in this space along with Lotus Seed Meditations Founder, RJ Lisander.

SPECIAL OFFER: Aligning practice with accessibility for all, Lotus Seed Meditations is proud to announce a special $120.00 initial consultation offer to practice in a safe, nurturing and soothing environment. This offer consists of:

  • A 2-hour initial consult with RJ Lisander to assess, understand and begin to work through the challenges of starting and/or developing a yoga and meditation practice with the changes that come with age, injury, dis-ease, chronic pain and the like.
  • Each participant will leave with a set of practice modifications and tips to help individuals move from studio to studio while practicing yoga with confidence and ease.
  • Each participant will leave with a custom sequence, meditation and access to the video and meditation library available through our website for one year, free of charge.
  • Upon completion of this initial session, participants will be invited to ongoing Lotus Seed Meditations Studio workshops for the materials fees, will receive discounts on private sessions with RJ Lisander for one year. (This discount applies to practices within Lotus Seed Meditations Studio only. Participation in workshops, private sessions, classes, retreats in other locations will be subject to hosting studio fees.)