Meditating with Scent

images-3 11.25.20 AM

Scent is a powerful tool for daily life and can be used to invoke memories, emotion and states of physical movement and rest. Using scents in meditation can help align the physical and emotional states of the body and diffusing scents can be a great way to shift the environment.

  • Pick a scent to match the mood you wish to enhance.
  • Place it in a diffuser, if an oil, or light an incense or candle.
  • Within a safe distance from the source of the scent, sit or lay down in a comfortable position, and focus on the breath with each inhale and exhale.
  • Feel the breath slow as you bring your attention to the breath.
  • Notice the mind begin to slow as you settle deeper into your mediation.
  • Become aware of the scent.
  • Notice how your mood shifts.
  • Notice how the body shifts.
  • Once you feel ready to resume your daily activities, rise, discontinue the scent and continue with your day.



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