The Season of Abundance

November:  A month full of two of my favorite things:  gratitude and abundance


Each November, for as long as I can remember, I start the month off with a moment of reflection for all I have.  I cannot help but feel grateful. Some years I have more than enough in my bank account to cover all my expenses and to share the extra.  Some years I have relied on friends and family to help me make ends meet.  No matter the situation, I am grateful, because either way I am fortunate enough to have abundance.

This year, as I launch a new business I have personal gratitude and professional gratitude.  The professional gratitude is for:

  • The ability to seek additional training to improve my personal practice and to offer more to my sessions, private and group.
  • Classes and private sessions full of people I admire and genuinely care for.
  • Participants who genuinely care for me, guide me as much as I guide them, and who support my vision, my creativity and, well, me.
  • The successful launch of a sleep meditation on Insight Timer with positive reviews.  (Please take 9 minutes to listen before bed, click here.)
  • And, for the opportunity to do more.  This month I will launch two additional classes and am in the wonderful position of starting to promote some rest and restore workshops for December.

7:30 am Yoga
(Beginning November 6th)
Fitness World

12:30 pm Restorative Flow
(Beginning November 7th)
Cedar Walk Wellness Center
Free yoga classes the week of November 6-11, 2017

Check out the new Upcoming Workshop tab for details on the
rest and restore workshops.

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